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 Been to the vet ---- again

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PostSubject: Been to the vet ---- again   Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:30 pm

Had to take Max to the vet again today....he started regurgitating the food again after 5 months of being said his problem is his diet, so it's time for a change. For the next 3 weeks he's on a bland diet, and then he wants to see him again.....he said everything else is okay.....and believes with the proper diet, he will soon be back to normal.

If the diet doesn't work, then we will try medication, but he is one who would like to avoid it, if possible. This is our regular vet, the one we've had for all our dogs for 40 years......

He also said stop the Pepcid, and changed his probiotic to Fortiflora. He frowned on the probiotic that the emergency vet put him on 4 years, hopefully this will work....
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Karen Brittan

Karen Brittan

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PostSubject: Re: Been to the vet ---- again   Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:09 am

Sorry to hear that. Having a sick dog is NEVER fun. I had one about a month ago.

Whenever I have a dog that throws up, I don't feed it the next day and fast it for 24 hours before I feed it again, usually starting out with a smaller amount of food, and increase that amount a bit each day until it is back to its normal amount of kibble.  

Karen Brittan
Britmor Schnauzers
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Been to the vet ---- again
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