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 **History of the Giant Schnauzer

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**History of the Giant Schnauzer Empty
PostSubject: **History of the Giant Schnauzer   **History of the Giant Schnauzer EmptyThu Mar 29, 2018 6:49 pm

The giant schnauzer originated in the rural areas of Wurrtemburg and Bavaria in Germany. But it was the much smaller Standard Schnauzer that caught the eye of the cattlemen, who emulated the breed on a greater scale to drive cattle. They might have crossed smooth-haired, cattle-driving dogs with the Standard Schnauzer to produce a wire-haired drover.

But it wasn't long before crosses were made with the Great Dane, rough-haired Sheepdogs, Bouvier des Flandres, Wirehaired Pinscher, the black Poodle, and Wolf Spitz.

And the final result was the Munchener: a good, smart-looking, and weather-resistant dog that could handle cattle. Later the Giant Schnauzer became more popular as a stockyard or brewery guard dog, and a butcher’s dog.

Until WWI, the Giant  had a low profile  when there were plans to train the dogs for police work. These dogs did really well in their new role in Germany. In recent years, the Giant Schnauzer has become modestly popular pet in the United States.
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**History of the Giant Schnauzer
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