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 **The "Come" command

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PostSubject: **The "Come" command   **The "Come" command EmptyFri Mar 02, 2018 7:34 pm

Teaching your dog to "come', is one of the most important commands you can teach your dog. It could mean a matter of life or death. For instance, if your dog slips out the front door and races across the yard, you must be able to get them to stop and come back before running into the street.

Bear in mind that the "come" command isn't always the best option when you want your dog by your side. For instance, if you haven't fully trained your dog to understand what you want when you say "come," don't use that command and expect results. It's better to go and get them than to say "come" repeatedly.

Keep practicing the "come" command until you are certain your dog will respond immediately the first time you call.

The back up and recall method

Put your dog on a leash.

Hold the other end of the leash, say "come" once, then quickly move backward.

Keep moving backward until your dog gets all the way to you.

When your dog catches up to you, say "Yes!"

Give your dog a treat.

Method 2: The long line

Attach the long training leash to your dog's collar.

Your assistant should stand behind your dog and hold them by lacing their hands across the dog's chest.

Get your dog's attention by holding a treat in front of his nose and talking to them in an excited voice.

Run away a few feet then call your dog to "come." Encourage them by clapping your hands or making noises but don't repeat the "come" command.

When your dog runs to you, say "Yes!"

Give them a treat.

Training tip: Make it a game for your dog

As your dog learns "come," practice inside (a leash isn't necessary) by having your assistant distract or hold your dog while you go out of the room. Call out, "come."

When they find you, say "Yes!" and give them a treat. Over time you can make this game more difficult, by moving to more distant rooms of the house before you call "come."
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**The "Come" command
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