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 ** Keeping teeth clean

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PostSubject: ** Keeping teeth clean   ** Keeping teeth clean EmptyMon Jan 08, 2018 9:50 am

There are 3 main ways to keep your schnauzer's teeth clean, and to help prevent calculus buildup.

#1 Brush them daily. But it's not that easy to do. Most puppies aren't used to the sensation, as it feels odd to them. Choose the right toothbrush and dog-specific toothpaste. These toothpastes are made with ingredients safe for dogs, whereas human toothpaste has ingredients that are quite toxic. Brushing teeth will remove and prevent plaque and tartar build up and keep your dog’s dental health in tip-top shape. While brushing every day is ideal, even once or twice a week will provide major benefits.

#2 Use dental chews. These chews are made specifically to clean your dog’s teeth almost as effectively, or as effectively, as brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste. The chewing action scrapes off plaque and tartar and they are filled with ingredients to help prevent further build-up and make your dog’s breath fresher. What’s better is that most dogs absolutely love a good dental chew! They are a delicious treat that your dog won’t even know is healthy and some are long-lasting to keep their minds occupied too. Dental chews are one of the easiest ways to improve your dog’s dental health and we think the dogs agree.

#3 Feed high quality food. Always feed a high quality food. There are many benefits to this rule. Avoid ingredients like grains, by-products and meals that are not only unhealthy but stick to your dog’s teeth. Poor-quality foods will increase plaque and tartar build-up and keep your pet’s dental health and immune system functioning far below their ideal strength. Whole foods with natural ingredients often contain enzymes and other supplements that help break down unwanted build-up on teeth, but even dog’s feed natural diets should have their teeth brushed and dental health checked regularly.

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** Keeping teeth clean
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