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 **Heart Disease

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PostSubject: **Heart Disease   **Heart Disease EmptySat Aug 16, 2014 9:59 am

One aspect we all face as our pets age, is the possibility of them developing heart murmurs and or heart disease.  My Pepper was diagnosed with a murmur at age 10.  At first, we controlled her condition by diet, which was Hill's HD, low sodium.  For a while, she did okay, then I noticed she was losing weight.  Yes, part was due to the advancing position her little heart was in, so I searched on the internet, and found another holistic food, low in sodium, but a bit more protein to fill her hunger.

Also, the grains in the Science Diet caused her skin condition to flare up again.  So rather than make her more miserable, I ordered the new food:  Precise Senior Formula.  She did quite well on it for several years, and also with the craisin we gave her in the mornings.  It's also important to keep the water away from the heart and lungs, as heart disease progresses, so as a homeopathic remedy, our vet said to give her a craisin in the morning.  We did for 4 years.  The craisin also builds up good bacteria in their system, with the acid from the berry, to help prevent utis.  

Then in her 13th year, she started coughing one day, and every little move she made, she coughed.  Even when barking, so it was off to the vet, who diagnosed a more serious stage of heart disease.  She was then prescribed enalipril, along with the craisin and diet.  We had her another year, before it was just too much for her to continue.  Sometimes too, a vet may prescribe a water pill, if it's warranted.

I might also add, that when it comes to heart murmurs, there are 6 levels.  Pepper when first discovered, was a level three.  Through 4 years, it reached the highest, and she fainted.  That's when our vet explained there wasn't anymore that could be done.  But with proper nutrition, and care, minis can live a long life.  I've heard of some nearly reaching 19.  There are many homeopathic treatments that some vets also prescribe along with medication, and they work well together.  

Whether one uses the craisins though, for either the heart disease, or the utis, I suggest giving them in the morning, or you will have puddles in the night.  

Wheezing and coughing, and any signs of difficulty breathing is cause to get to a vet asap.
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**Heart Disease
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