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PostSubject: **Vocalization   **Vocalization EmptyWed Jul 09, 2014 8:02 pm

Standard schnauzers possess a voice typically associated with a large dog, full of authority and capable of commanding the immediate attention of household resident in case invited or uninvited persons arrive.

As intelligent dogs, they can be trained not to bark incessantly.  Miniature schnauzers, like so many of the terrier type breeds, tend to be more apt to bark, especially at the approach  of strangers and other dogs.


Although called a terrier, the miniature isn't really one.

Depending on the circumstances, other vocalizations can be barks of joy at seeing favored family members returning from an absence; yelps of pain, or calls to entice someone to play.  They may also howl at sirens, growl at intruders, or at play, especially when playing with toys.  

Most commonly, miniature schnauzers confine their vocalizations to sharp barks.
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