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 **Staying home alone

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The term separation anxiety has been applied to the behavior of animals and humans also. This is when they believe they'be been abandoned. It is natural for a young dog to form a close attachment to its owner. In the case of dogs, there is the uncertainty of not knowing why they were left alone and when their owner will return. Consistency is key to assure successful training of your dog.

Once your puppy has become accustomed to the idea that your home is his home, it is appropriate to begin training the dog to stay home alone without misbehaving.

Start the training by placing it in a small room with one or more of its favorite toys. Calmly close the door to the room, speaking to the puppy as you depart. Most likely he/she will try to squeeze out through the doorway, and you must gently, yet firmly, push it back and close the door.

Stay calm, and say "goodbye" as if it were the natural thing to be leaving the puppy alone.

If he barks or whines, sternly say "no" each time he cries.

If he remains quiet for a few minutes, open the door and praise your pet, as convey how happy you are to see it again. Repeat the process for varying periods from several minutes to several hours.

Each time you return, offer praise.

Never use the same routine, when training, so the puppy can't figure out your schedule. The puppy must learn that eventually, you will return.

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**Staying home alone
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