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 **Avoid an object

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PostSubject: **Avoid an object   Fri Jul 04, 2014 6:10 pm

This command is very useful, and may just save the life of your dog. Dangerous objects, strange food items, food offered by strangers, and other animals' stools are but a few of the things that many dogs will pick up.

Begin your training session with your schnauzer on its leash and allow the dog to approach a tempting food item placed on the floor. As the dog bends its head down to smell and grasp the food, immediately and forcefull give the command "no!", as you jerk the leash.

By now, your dog should understand the command no.

Have several of your friends offer food to your dog, and each time repeat the command "no!". The firm jerk on the leash should soon be unnecessary reinforcement to the vocal command.

Never allow anyone who doesn't regularly feed your dog to offer it food. Should you need to have your dog kenneled or cared for by another person in your absence, you will have to condition your pet to accept food from those strangers by having them feed it for a day or 2 in your presence and with your vocal praise.
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**Avoid an object
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