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 **Avoid an object

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PostSubject: **Avoid an object   **Avoid an object EmptyFri Jul 04, 2014 6:10 pm

This command is very useful, and may just save the life of your dog. Dangerous objects, strange food items, food offered by strangers, and other animals' stools are but a few of the things that many dogs will pick up.

Begin your training session with your schnauzer on its leash and allow the dog to approach a tempting food item placed on the floor. As the dog bends its head down to smell and grasp the food, immediately and forcefull give the command "no!", as you jerk the leash.

By now, your dog should understand the command no.

Have several of your friends offer food to your dog, and each time repeat the command "no!". The firm jerk on the leash should soon be unnecessary reinforcement to the vocal command.

Never allow anyone who doesn't regularly feed your dog to offer it food. Should you need to have your dog kenneled or cared for by another person in your absence, you will have to condition your pet to accept food from those strangers by having them feed it for a day or 2 in your presence and with your vocal praise.
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Karen Brittan

Karen Brittan

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PostSubject: Re: **Avoid an object   **Avoid an object EmptySat Apr 07, 2018 11:25 am

I've always tried to have specific commands for various behaviors so the dog doesn't get too confused by what I am telling him to do. Just saying "NO" doesn't really tell the dog anything and may confuse him as to why you are hollering "no" at him.

I use the command "leave it" when there is something I want a dog to stay away from. My dogs understand that "down" or "get down" means to put four feet on the floor and get off of me or the bed or whatever, while "go lie down" means to bug off and settle down somewhere away from me, and "drop" means to hit the deck in a lying down position (for advanced obedience training). For unwanted barking, it is "quiet" or "be quiet", in a very loud, demanding voice.

If someone is growling (usually toward another dog), I loudly say "KNOCK IT OFF!" as I stare holes in the offender.... and I have been known to growl back as I stare holes in the offender (usually a very crabby bitch I have here who doesn't want to share her *very large* dog pillow with anyone else).

Our back dog area is huge, with woods, fallen trees, etc., and the dogs MUST come in when I call them. My dogs are trained to come to the voice command "come" and to my long, loud whistle. They usually come in running, and in a very upbeat, loud, voice, I will say, "YAY!!! WHAT A GOOD DOG! GOOOOD COME!!!! and as they come running in, I sometimes will also excitedly clap my hands. It does help that the older dogs train the younger dogs that coming back inside is a good thing. NEVER correct a dog for coming to you!

Karen Brittan
Britmor Schnauzers
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**Avoid an object
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