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Dogs sometimes develop epilepsy. The causes for this brain disorder are unclear, but some breeds of dogs are known to experience epileptiform seizures more often than other breeds.

In some cases, trauma to the head has been implicated; in others, inadequate oxygen to the fetus during its passage through the birth canal has been suggested. Still other cases of epilepsy are associated with brain tumors, abscesses, or migrating parasites.

Some forms of epilepsy are seen in young puppies, but more typically, the seizure disorder is observed for the first time in fully-grown dogs. The 2 main categories of epileptiform seizures are grand mal and petit mal. In a grand mal seizure, the affected dog usually loses consciousness, may thrash its legs, clamp its jaws tightly shut, and salivate profusely. Urine and or feces may be released during the seizure.

The duration of such an event is usually less than 2 minutes. In a petit mal seizure, the dog usually doen't lose consciousness and may appear to be only momentarily stuporous.

There are some very effective oral medications to control this condition. An epileptic dog can live out full and satisfactory lifespans.
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