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Many people don't realize that dogs and other animals can develop diabetes. Similar to the physical effects and symptoms in humans, diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes), manifests itself in dogs by weight loss, increased appetite, and thirst, increased urinary output, an odor of acetone on the breath, and decreased ability to fight infections.

Later in the untreated or ineffectively treated diabetic dog, the eyesight and vascular system may become severely affected, leading to blindness, vascular insufficiency, and kidney disease.

Success in managing a diabetic dog takes a team effort. Your veterinarian can help establish a proper diet and the correct dosage of insulin; you will be responsible for many daily details, so that your dog's dietary intake remains constant and its urine and blood glucose are monitored regularly.

After a few weeks, you and your vet will have established a daily treatment regimen that will maintain your schnauzer's health. A properly treated diabetic dog should enjoy a satisfactory life for many years after the initial diagnosis of it disease.
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