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 Skin Allergens

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There might be something in the environment, that your schnauzer might be allergic to.  This could be either indoors or out.  For example your pet might develop an allergy to wool carpeting, certain plant fibers, pollens, soaps, and chemical cleansers.

Symptoms of contact dermatitis in the dog are the same as in a human whom has been exposed to poison ivy, oak and sumac

After the skin has been sensitized by previous exposure, subsequent contact with the allergen will result in an often intense  reaction by redness, swelling and itching.

To treat this form of allergy, gently wash the skin to remove any residual allergin, then apply soothing lotions containing cortisone or cortinsone like medication.  In severe cases your vet can inject cortisone for quicker relief of the allergic reaction.
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Skin Allergens
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